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Chilly Mammoth - Art East Quilting Co

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Manufacturer - Art East Quilting Co 
Quilt - Chilly Mammoth 

Level 3 
This project is great for the brave beginner and seasoned piecers alike! 

- Complete instructions to make a 43" x 57" quilt featuring one mammoth and a 77" x 86" quilt featuring four mammoths. 

- Choose whether your mammoth is sporting some winter gear (hat and scarf) or is just chilling without. These large blocks (31" x 41" and 31" x 34") are big enough that you can create a successful quilt only using one. Frame your quilt nicely with half-square-triangle details, as featured on the cover.

- This quilt uses traditional piecing techniques and relies heavily on the Stitch & Flip technique. There are also several points to match, however, the pieces are large giving you wiggle room to perfect your points. 

-This booklet is 16 pages, printed in full-colour and saddle stitched with a rigid cover.