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Blowing Up Bunnies Rabbits Chewing Gum - Art East Quilting Co

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Manufacturer - Art East Quilting Co 
Quilt - Blowing Up Bunnies Rabbits Chewing Gum

Level 3

- Complete instructions for making 4 different bunny blocks that may be used to make a 42” x 53” quilt or individual bunny blocks for smaller projects.
- The individual blocks each measure 10” x 19.5” and include a plain bunny block, a bunny blowing a small bubble, a bunny blowing a large bunny and a bunny whose bubble popped all over them! T
- This project is designed using conventional piecing techniques (no paper-piecing).

- The pattern is 16 pages, printed in full-colour and saddle stitched with a rigid gloss cover.